Meet the Founders

Nathan Krogstad is co-founder of Defend Truth Ministries. He is a gifted Christian apologist and evangelist, and for the past five years he has been actively sharing the Gospel to those in the cults as well as teaching fellow Christians about these groups. Nathan has spent hundreds of hours doing on the street ministry outreaches, along with personal and professional study of Christian doctrines and apologetics. He actively reasons from the scriptures and contends for the faith with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, and atheists. By Gods grace these fruitful discussions has brought the true Jesus of the Bible into some of the hardest to reach cult environments and into the hearts of those who are in them. Most importantly Nathan loves worshiping, serving, and growing in God's Word at his local Baptist church in Burnsville, Minnesota, with his wife of eight amazing years and two young sons. Nate is excited about starting up school this fall in theological studies.

Nick Mattei is a co-founder of Defend Truth Ministries and has served for many years in homeless-youth ministries and different evangelistic outreaches since becoming a Christian in 2014. He is currently a student at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary following the call on his life to become a pastor. He is under the oversight of the Elder at Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. 


Nick has lived in Minnesota for most of his life and enjoys hiking, hunting, clean eating, and wholesome music ranging anywhere from Jazz to Jonny Cash Gospel. But when all is said and done Nick enjoys nothing more than to talk about Jesus Christ and the whole council of God.

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