Meet the Founder
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Nathan Krogstad is a co-founder of Defend Truth Ministries who became a Christian in 2011. Shortly after becoming a believer, Nathan developed a deep passion for presuppositional apologetics and evangelism. Utilizing his personal and professional study of presuppositional apologetics, the cults, and evangelism, Nathan has been actively reasoning from the scriptures and contending for the faith with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, and atheists whenever possible. By God's grace these fruitful discussions have brought the true Jesus of the Bible into some of the hardest to reach cult environments and into the hearts of those who are in them. Most importantly, Nathan loves worshiping God in spirit and in truth as a member of his local Baptist church in Burnsville, Minnesota, alongside his wife and the two young sons they have been blessed with. Under the oversight and care of the elders, Nathan has been given the humble affirmation and opportunity to use his calling to teach classes on evangelism and the cults at his Church. 

Nathan is also a United States Veteran and currently a student at Spurgeon College, following the call on his life to become a pastor and ministry leader.